Stations of the Cross

At Holy Angels the Stations of the Cross run along the north and south walls of the church. Station One starts on the southwest corner and Station Fourteen sits on the northwest corner.  At this time we are unsure what the original Stations looked like.  We do know that the current Stations are at least the third set to hang on the walls at Holy Angels.

This photo appeared in the Sept. 14, 1971 edition of The West Bend News. Photo taken by Don Kosterman.

In 1971 Holy Angels did an 11 week renovation to give it a ‘simple and free’ look.  During this renovation, we know they changed the stations to a more simplified version (seen on the left).









The current Stations are from a church in Green Bay that merged in the 1980′s with another parish.  The church was closing and getting rid of everything.  That is when Holy Angels obtained these Stations.  They are impressive pieces of art that are full of so much color and detail which is sometimes hard to see from the floor.

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