Parish Council – March 15, 2012

Meeting Minutes

March 15, 2012
Church Basement

1. Call to Order/Opening prayer

The meeting was called to order at 7:35 p.m. by Mike Melaney with Marv Wolf, Jeff Lambie, Matt Sternig, Don Felix, Tom Weber, David Beine, Mark Jansen, Mary Yahr, Steve Stanek, and Fr. Jerry in attendance, along with Finance Committee members Mark Blau, Kathryn Fisher Davies & Jack Daniels. Jeff Lambie led the opening prayer.

2. Approval of minutes from last meeting

Minutes were approved by consensus.

3. 2012-2013 Parish Budget

Jack Daniels gave a detailed report of the budget, which was thoroughly discussed and ultimately passed after talking about various budget items, including the amount and method of pay increases, and the budget process.

4. Committee Reports (discussion, decision)

Only one committee report was heard.

a) School Committee

Steve Stanek reported that the school was trying to recruit new students.

5. Goals 2011-2012 (discussion, decision)

Tabled this month.

6. Pastor’s Report

Fr. Jerry passed out a handout on Parishes and Pastoral Leadership 2020. He also gave an election time table:

  • Starting weekend of Palm Sunday – request for nominations in bulletin
  • Starting April 15 – call names nominated to see if they accept nomination
  • Tues., May 1st – deadline for biographies to be submitted for bulletin
  • Weekends of May 6 and May 13 – biographies appear in bulletin
  • Weekend of May 20 – election held

7. Decon’s Report

Nothing to add.

8. Open to all (discussion)

Mary Yahr reported on her La Sagrada Familia trip. She recommended continuing to support the parish. She brought letters to students in the D.R. from Holy Angels School Spanish classes, and returned 37 responses to principal Mike Sternig; hopefully more mailings will take place between students. Copies of some of the responses were shown to the council. She also described a new project involving some of the neediest women in Sebana Yegua. Called “One Step Forward”, women are being taught to make jewelry using paper beads, feathers, plastic, beads, buttons, & strips of plastic. She brought many samples of their work for viewing, as well as photos of projects the church is involved with. Mary asked if the jewelry could be sold after some masses & at the parish festival. Another spot given the green light was at the Littlest Angel Gift Shop. Fr. Jerry suggested she make a presentation about La Sagrada Familia for parishioners.

9. Closing Prayer

There being no further business, Deacon Mark led the closing prayer.

10. Adjourn

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 p.m., with the next meeting scheduled for April 19, 2012.

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